Open House Pittsburgh – Sunday Mornings on Q92.9 FM

Anthony Leone of Re/Max Select Realty and Brian Cross of Stearns Home Loans have been in the real estate and mortgage industry for years helping their clients find their dream homes. After working together for years, the duo has embarked upon hosting their own radio show: Open House Pittsburgh, A Real Estate and Mortgage Show.

The purpose of the show is to provide impactful discussions on real estate, those looking to buy, to sell, to upgrade and to provide insights into the investment of owning a home and finding a mortgage that works for you! They’ll touch upon specialized topics, too, sent in by you, the listeners. This is a show for YOU!  Open House Pittsburgh’s format also includes guest speakers, callers, Q&A and more.

Open House Pittsburgh airs Sunday mornings, 8:30AM on Q92.9 FM.